Bitcoin Payout button is not clickable even though I got approved!

Hi there,

I recently got approved for BTC withdrawal, but when I want to withdraw, the “Confirm payout” button is not clickable. Any solutions?


Hey, can you please send me a screenshot of this so I can help you further?

Sure, this is what it looks like, the button is grayed out.

are you sure read minimum withdrawl for bitcoin ?

$0 to $50 not available

you put $18 for payout, that the reason “confirm payout button” is not clickable.

you need request minimum $50 and above like that picture said.


Isn’t that for the fee only?. Because I read this in the faq

“Withdrawal Bitcoin requests are available for amounts greater than $1 USD. For withdrawal requests of $10 and under, the fee is $1 USD, and for withdrawal requests over $10 the fee is 1%. Fees are subjected to change without notice.”

maybe that is misunderstand the facts is Not available or you cant click that button right ? If you still insist I suggest withdrawl with paypal if you can not reach $50 (minimum) for bitcoin payout.

$0.00 to $2.00 Not available
$2.01 to $10.00 $1.00 USD
$10.01 and above 2%

$0.00 to $50.00 Not available
$50.01 and above 1.00% + $1.50 USD

I see, it seems that it’s that way.I think the faq is wrongly worded. Thanks for the help