Sold crypto voucher like other peoples and got blocked my listing also…gameflip took 60$ from me! Give my money back…good policy! GJ… “i love selling here”

Hello bro, did your account got blocked ?

no but gameflip took my 60$ :frowning:

this is unfair

Contact a moderator or Gameflip support. They will help.

How they took your money? you meant fees?

not fees…i sold, key was used by buyer and then GF blocked my listing, canceling transaction and moneyback to buyer… OMG where is admins logic ? 60$ Gameflip ? Where?

not helpful…they took my money anyway like admins said

So, you delivered the item, and the money was retracted?

Then you will need to ask gameflip for that give them the order id and the messages between you and the buyer and they will check this for you.

Its forbidden to sell crypto voucher.

i nothing know about this… but gameflip dont give me my money…code is used now by buyer!

yes, you have to read rules of gameflip

read rules when people selling hundreds of this vouchers…i listed one voucher and lost 60$ niceee

They showed a bad example, but you have to read rules.

better to not selling here next time

Before you sell on gameflip bro you should read the rules because if you don’t, your account going to be blocked so be careful.


yes yes … GF so blind doesnt see how merchants selling about few months full site of CryptoVouchers!!
And now after sale admins took my money 60$ … I’m very disappointed angry and sad . Commission of 10% not enough!! ? Need to take my money of course thank you . . .very bad deed of admins.
p.s. “translated by google”

auto delivired the item…but order was canceled by admins and i not recieving my 60 dollars…people in my country working hard from morning to late night for 150-200$ and you just took 60$ right now for nothing…wow…really hurts. It was better place

  • then you have to contact the support tell them That so they can give you, your money back.
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