bought two gift cards from two different sellers have not received it

I tried contacting email support but only received a automated response. The first seller sent me a code that was already used, and the second seller just hasn’t responded. I have lost money due to fees and no one is responding


u wil get everything back,
\no worry just provide proof here

@DarkKnight help him

Names of Seller’s?

Hedcorpinc and Green Key Store

Green Key store cancelled the order and blocked me
Hedcorpinc still hasn’t responded

Hello, iLoveFortnite! Please reply to my messages. I will help you to solve the issue. Thanks!

dont teext like that
write all u hhavee to offer him help here
seems fishy

already contacted.

i cannot login to my account… support not responding to me

gameflip support responding 1-2 times in week,
my account also wrongly suspended im waiting for a next week,

did you get your issue fixed ?