Buyer able to review me after a disputed order

Hey, so I had a customer opened a dispute even tho I delivered the item. He miss understood something and wanted me to help him with someone he didn’t pay for. He then opened a dispute and after 5 days of nothing, I won the dispute and got the money. He was then able to put a review on my profile. Why is this so, if he opens a dispute, of course, he is not happy, this review is running my page even tho I did nothing wrong! He added some sexual insults that should not even be allowed!

Order number : 2d040250-ff6d-4ff9-b5a8-3c50d43859ac

my code : DMY2NJ

If possible provide the order number please

Also would advise to open a ticket if you haven’t done so already and explain the situation and that you would like to remove the unfair rating

Thanks for the early reply
ive already opened a ticket this morning.
here is the order number : 2d040250-ff6d-4ff9-b5a8-3c50d43859ac

Awesome, the order number is just in case an admin gets time to see this post before your ticket gets resolved. Other then that I advise to wait till somebody looks into your ticket,
it takes time usually 3-5 business days but can take longer if they are busy.