buyer blackmailed me

he blackmailed me. i delivered items in 2 minutes .but blackmailed me .if dont give him or if i dont help him. he ll gimme poor feedback.i said i recorded all conversation . i can send ss when you want .i have proofs.
order id
my inv code: lcvc2z

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DarkKnight i delivered items in 2 min .but he tried to scamm me . with dis tactic. probably he ll gimme poor feedback . he wanted hellfire goal explosion or solar flaire for rating…wat a world wat a rude ppl.i didnt first .i asked him why yu dont complet transaction .he said after you helped me i ll complet. .i dont have to give him any items . for complet.this conversation on game chat . i can send it too

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To my understanding, he was asking you to help get an item “solar” and sell it to him in exchange for the rating. He did not ask you to give it to him for free in exchange for a rating, he just casually remarked that he would rate once you sold the solar to him.

In the 3rd last screenshot, he has said he would like you to get the item for him and he would rate you.

IMO, he has done nothing wrong and is not obliged to rate you like he has stated in the first screenshot, and just think of it as an extra service.

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he said on gamechat clearly .if i give him sometrash items he ll complet.and i gave some trash items . he completed…after dat he wanted extra items for rating . if yu didnt understand . check yur brain.he wanted solar for free.blackmailed .poor rating.i told him i ll report him …
changed topic.
who knows how many free items he took from newbie venders.
Knowing that would give me bad feedback. I reported it.for other traders.If someone else gave this answer to me i wouldnt say anything wrong but you are always here to talk against me, thats why i ve answered this way, its personal to you. Im not kinda guy who would talk like that.I can say that this buyer, bought an item to scam me by saying i must give a free item to him to complete the transaction.

i am selling my items . why i have to help him for complet transaction or rating.i delivered items .in 2 minutes dat s enough .

There was no need to be rude. I have nothing else to add if you’re that delusional and stubborn.

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not add anything .better.
you’re defending the scammer just to be dissident