Buyer Cancelled Transaction but i cant retrieve my item from bot

I did ask support, their reply was to move the listing to drafts to retrieve back the item. But how can i do so when my listing is placed under Sold, labelled Cancelled, but theres no Edit button. How can i get back my item ?

I apologize for the confusion, but this particular listing isn’t actually a sale, nor the item in the listing has been received by the potential buyer.

When you see a listing like this, this means that someone tried to buy it and was canceled before they ever received the item, most likely due to failed payment verification. When this happens, the listing automatically goes back onto the marketplace for someone else to purchase.

The info that Support had provided you was if you have a listing currently on the marketplace which you can find under the “On Sale” tab.

thank you for the clarification ! it would be better if i could tell that my listing has been posted back to the marketplace from viewing the information or maybe some other better ideas would really improve the system :slight_smile:

Thanks for the suggestion! I’ll see what we can do to better communicate this as I also feel there’s confusion with this.

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When I try to retrieve my item I get a error code 26 , any idea on what to do?

This may be do to a known bug. If you haven’t done so already, please contact Support with the listing name, the behavior and any screenshots so we can assist you better.

Well I’d like to retrieve my item back and how will i do that without it
going straight back onto the market

Please contact Support so we can access your account and better assist you.