Selling items - Multiple transactions cancelled, cannot retrieve items

The transactions were cancelled as seen in this photo:

To my understanding, even though they are on the cancelled transactions section, they are still on the marketplace. My problem is that I want to retrieve these items, but it isn’t possible to do that as they are in the Sold section. How do I retrieve all these items that are cancelled transactions?

Did you take them off sale and then try to return? They have to be in draft form to return.

They aren’t on sale, they’re in the Sold section

I have no options to do anything with them, only message buyer and quick view.

They will always be there now, but that list is just a record. The keys were listed back on the market when it cancelled. They are either still on sale or have been bought if you didn’t remove them.

Ohhhh, so the cancelled transactions just serve as a record? I understand now, the items were re-listed and sold again. Thank you for clearing this up.

Exactly. You got it.