Cancelled transactions appear as sold

Hey there… I recently bought a Gift Card to a guy that was selling really cheap (100$ Xbox Gift Card for 67$) he didn’t have good reviews or any above 5$ so I took a shot there, I bought it and then he send me a fake code, he immediately told me that he was sorry and he will cancel the order, so he did and I got my credit back. I noticed that he already sold at least 4 more gift cards from 100-200$ range value and he still hasn’t any review for those sales so I assume they also failed. So I think he is only doing it because that way in his profile is appearing that he successfully sold those items when he didn’t.

This may be a bug, cancelled transactions should not appear as an item sold in the profile because people can confuse due this.

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Hello @Mago6246!

Could you please provide us a screenshot so we can better understand where it appears as sold?

Also, could you please provide us the seller link so we can take a look at these sales?

God Speed! :trident:

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