Buyer claims code was invalid (its valid)

Sold a $50 PSN code to some guy, he claims the code is invalid and put the transaction on hold.
I have checked the code the moment he opened the trade and it was valid, he then claims its invalid after redeeming it.
The buyer has 1 feedback and i have 45+
What proof do i need for gameflip?

Ask for proofs of the redeemed code, screenshots, pictures, some real proof of the invalid code.

When you redeem a PSN code, and try to redeem it again it shows as invalid/already redeemed.

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Well, this is a slightly weird form, but ask for a picture of the psn balance with a note with the current date

It is very easy to modify a webpage to show 0 balance, also, he might have redeemed it on another account or will make a new account to send a screnshot of it.

Thats a tough one. Might be worth it for Gamefly to force people to have a cc or debit card on file to help prevent crappy traders