buyer didnt repond me

some1 bought my key .i added him .but he didnt answer.i waited him 3 weeks.but today gameflip cancelled order .and did poor feedback.dat s not my bad why poor feedback.weird

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When you don’t respond to the order, after days it will be canceled by the buyer, gameflip will give you poor rate automatically so be careful next time!, Good luck with your next orders bro!

İ added him. He is offline since 3 weeks. What can i do if he s offline.i could Write. i delivered.i didnt want to get money i dont deserve

Then you have to talk to the support about this problem and tell them that to give his money back and problem Solved!

i didnt get money . gameflip cancelled purchase .gameflip did poor feedback.i just waited buyer

Moderator can remove it for you easily @MajorTom can do it for you! just ask him.

Hey yakup_Akkus!

Has your issue been solved? If not, could you please provide me your invite code?

God speed! :trident:

solved.god bless!!!

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Glad to hear that bro good luck :hearts::blush:

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