Buyer Open Dispute after redeem all the working code !

so i sold steam games and buyer file a dispute which is nonsense because he said all codes are works…

here is my thread forum : 9adea51f-b018-47b9-82aa-e937b600fa2c
my invite code : 4M1Z3V

Make sure you upload the evidence and follow the process, and you’ll be fine.

yeah already did waiting for support to reply… how long it will take ?

its been almost 2 days and no help

all moderators are on a weekend break until Monday

They have to gather evidence from both sides, so the delay could be due to the other side.

no… they’re on break

just wait, since the buyer said its actually working
and maybe posting where you get the keys works [not here, but pm it to the stuff]

I rescinded the transaction. Random codes listings are forbidden within the marketplace. do not relist.