Buyer scam 1k+ feedback

He just a scammer with 1k feedbacks who just bought code rogue spider from me right now and telling it was already activated. I cant believe in that. Maybe his account was hacked.

I bought my code on very big website supplier everybody know and it just not possible code wrong or something because its a photo of key

I mean I don’t care where you bought code, just want to give you example:

Big site as you said lets call it Site1 i next text…

Site1 have easy verification seller sistem up to 1k euros, so in fact everyone can sell here, site is popular so, scamers come easy.
Scamer posting rogue spider offer for 5$ od Site1, you see that, fast checking gameflip prices… oh there is lot of space for profit, here I can post it for 20$.

You properly paid 5$ on Site1, at same moment you posting it here on GameFlip for 20$.

How do you know rogue spider code working? Is that Site1 really that big?

Saga Store have really big reputation as buyer and as seller. First get evidences that you have to prove code working… :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face:

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I bought two times from the seller, no problems at all - disappointing to see him scamming, if true.

i bought on . 150% this code was valid. i sold hundreds of codes from this site. and many rogue spiders sold on gameflip. i Kept cdkeys codes for years, nothing happened to them. already provide information to gameflip support.
this scammer immediately after activation wrote you should trust me I have a lot of reviews

Hello 2TheMoon,

I can see that our system is waiting for the buyer to escalate the issue, so I suggest that you open a ticket to the support team using the link below and send all the evidence you have to them. If possible, please send screenshots from a PC instead of a mobile phone.

Hello 2TheMoon,

I want to say that the code was really invalid, I do not insist on a refund, I wrote about this to you. I will confirm the transaction if I receive what I bought. And believe me, I know very well what a fraud is on the part of the buyer, I have been working on this site for a long time. =)

You must be banned for this scam

First make sure that you are a good seller, then threaten me with a ban =)