Got scammed by a seller

I wanted to inform people about this seller- Kye The Plug (Xbox) ( He’s 100% a scammer. Please don’t buy from him .He changed his username to Gift Card Heaven (Xbox)

He only sends you the code if you rate him first

And the codes don’t work

Never rate before you verified the code is legit and working.
post some screenshot about your conversation here so staff can help you
i guess… im not the staff but I’m just trying to help ~

Thanks for noticing and replying!
I understand!
I just want this person to get banned before he scams anyone else

TBH Never trust any seller even though they have 1000 good reputation :slight_smile:
there is no “trusted seller” who need you to rate them first, why? because its againts the rules.
Usually you only need to post your invite code and tag the moderator
just wait for them and they will help you

The best part is that the seller banned me from all of his pages and I cannot comment on his items. Even if I create a new account I won’t be able to comment

Order ID 651f516f-f938-4b02-9e0a-bf4e9824b44b

I didn’t even get a full 12 digit code


Awww, so that is you. I love your teamwork with other guys.That’s hilarious :joy:

Please beware of excessive posts, it can result in your suspension on the forum :wink:

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The seller got banned and also I got my money back! Cheers