Buying accounts

Hey, not sure how to go about this but bought a digital item/account on the app and it worked for a couple of days then it got locked out and now the user isn’t responding and pulled all their other listing. The accounts name is Jmartinez91. He was selling Spotify, wwe, mlb, HBO and more. A bunch of other people bought stuff and not sure if they had the same issue. It was $10 so I’m not up in arms about it, just curious if anyone else issues and how to prevent scamming this way if that is what this is.

It would be helpful if you elaborated on what service the account was for

If you haven’t done so already, please send Support a ticket and we’ll be able to further assist you and look into this user.

First off best practice is to not buy accounts they can usually sneak it right back from under you with a recovery option Even if you change info

And next yeah do a support ticket

hey luis did i ever give you my email to contact me???

No you didn’t chris. It’s honestly not a big deal was more trying to warn other of this guy