Buying items bots and long payment

Hello, my bots buy items. I’m worried about that. My code PSJQE2
Here is my profile profile
my last sold item item
the last 13 items I bought some bots that just signed up. View their names.
Their names are written in random letters like this "sdjksafhjksahk"
I’m worried about that.
sorry for my English, is not my one language
Also I’m waiting on 5 payments from October 9, for a total amount of just over $ 1,000 . I was told that have to wait but I see that someone already got it, tell me how long it will last

my products buy bots, it’s not a Scam?

view my recent sales. There’s something wrong.

item here’s another purchase. Who buys with such names. I’m worried for the safety of my money

you will get it… just got mine today! Oct 9 and 10 payout

view photos They have strange nicknames. Is it legal?

thanks , I’ll wait