Calling out some gameflip scumbag name is - Instacrates!

This dude is a piece of ■■■■■■■ garbage.

He was sleeping thru the entire beginning of the transaction, wakes up while im msging him like thats good. And hes like duhh well you need to enter that code into this other website… im like yo maybe if u werent asleep like a fat ■■■■ in a chair, this would of been figured out alot quicker.

Ontop of it all, im like hey man ill leave u good feedback btw. Sure enough the scumbag leaves some crazy rant about how i didnt know about the websight to redeem it on, meanwhile the dude was sleeping in his chair. And then he calls me a Pyscho lmfao. Warning to Instacrates! have fun getting doxxed bud.

Hey man, just a heads up you can get yourself banned from the forum for using foul language and negativity. The Mods here don’t take very kindly to such talk. (Not intending to argue with you just letting you know dude)


Its fine, i dont care anymore. He just said some messed up ■■■■ to me, over nothing. im passed it lol.

thanks tho