Can a mod please review my case?

Hi like my post explains my ticket has been up for almost over 4 days now and I still haven’t gotten a reply yet.

Here’s some things to help delay some time, as a link to the zendesk isn’t going to do much.

  1. Ticket number that you submitted.
  2. Profile Code may be useful, depending what your question is
  3. Order ID might be useful, again depending what your question is regarding.

Please take note, that the support team may be busy and just haven’t had a chance to respond to your request or are still investigating the issue. Moderators on this forum will need the information I put above in order to assist you if they’re available to do so, but generally there is less activity on the weekend.

everything is listed in the ticket.

If a moderator here doesn’t have the ticket number, they cannot help you. So you will have to wait for them to respond to you through the ticket.

Sorry for the late reply was busy with school, ticket number is #496254