Can gameflip support selling games accounts anytime soon?

I mean they launched gameflip gigs, it didn’t do so bad, why not add other section for selling gaming accounts that will be checked by gameflip staff? Also the flp token price is getting lower every day adding a section to sell, buy accounts may increase the income of the website therfore increasing the value of the token

Sorry but this is one the worst ideas I’ve seen here by far. Not only selling account is illegal in any gaming platform it is also the easiest way to scam people since accounts are linked to e-mails and the “seller” (read: scammer) can always take the account back.
There are plenty of selling websites that are scammer-friendly and you can sell accounts at your own will there but I do not desire Gameflip to become one of said places. Allowing the selling of multiple accounts would be only inviting more scammers here.