Can I get my money? Wtf

I added $50 to wallet because I saw something I wanted to purchase. 8 hours later my money is still pending and someone else buys the thing I wanted like wtf!!!

That sucks. I would like GameFlip to tell us why all the orders are going under review since a few days ago… It really sucks if we can’t get our stuff instantly…

Hello DetroitDonkeyRL,

We are sorry for the inconvenience, but this happens because of security purposes.

Also, so everyone is aware:

If the system flags a purchase due to a high dollar amount or something suspicious such as logging in from a location very far from your billing address, we may contact you to verify the purchase.

Reviews can also be caused by discrepancies in payment information or failing to enter the correct verification code. You may be asked to verify in the future but as time goes on and our system recognizes your purchase patterns the reviews should occur less frequently.

The review process for any purchase within Gameflip takes up to 48 hours during business days to complete, but we are always trying to speed up this process.

To avoid repeated payment reviews or increase your payment limits for PayPal and Credit Cards, you need to verify your payment ownership and identity information. Your information will only be used for processing payments and is encrypted on our server. If you are not getting the verification email, you can also verify your account through your Gameflip wallet.

To locate your verification option, you’ll need to go to:
App: Menu > Wallet > Document verification
Website: Menu > Wallet > Verify

God speed!

:trident: New forum moderators!

It is very tedious, as a new user i just came here because i spotted a great deal. No other gift card sites required me to follow very tedious instructions. like taking a selfie with my credit card? odd i feel less “secure”.

“Further information about you and your payment are required for Gameflip to review this transaction. If you have already submitted document, check back frequently for an updated status”

I have to verify myself, my phone? and my credit card? a industry standard 2 factor verification where id get a text to confirm should do the job, so why do i need to dig up phone bills?

stepping away from the whole rant. Please avert using the “security” excuse, with my experience using multitudes of Gift card websites, This site went above and beyond on proving that it has"Paranoia" not “security”.