Can I get Scam.

So I recently got a purchase from someone for one of my listing. The guy who purchased it talked on his other account on one of my listing asking me questions about the in game items I was selling so as I seller I invited him to my game and showed him what he was buying. He loved it but he couldn’t afford at the moment. Later that day I got a notification that someone purchase my listing and so I checked it out and saw this under his gamer I’d “hey it’s the guy who said his money was pending from your listing and I already have you added” I replied “ok great” so I joined his game and did what my listing said. I’m wondering if I can get scam by that person because it was a different account he used to purchase the listing and didn’t tell me his game Id on that account to me since I already had him added.

Hello H1ghAF,

I’m not sure what you’re saying. As long as the Game ID was the same on both accounts, then you should be fine. If you have delivered the item to a Game ID that was not given to you when the customer bought, that is different.

He told me his game id on another account and didn’t tell me his gamer id when he used a different account to buy the listing. I’ve already delivered the item but im scared he will start a dispute

If he confirms his gamer id in the messages will I be fine?

This is what he said

There is a risk of you getting scammed depending on whether the person is really a scammer or not.

There is no point that someone would have 2 Gameflip accounts, one to contact people via listings (that needs 5 + feedback) and another that buys the item (no 5 + feedback?) That is pretty suspicious.

Did you record the whole transaction? You would need proof that you have given the item. Did you have any conversation that can prove your point? If that person does open dispute, it will not be in your favor unless you have the proof.

Next time, I advise you always ask for IGN (in game name) no matter what before giving. That is to protect yourself. Also recommend you record the whole process of giving the item. I always ask for IGN before going into game even if they bought from me over 10 times. That is to ensure the IGN is correct and protect myself.

Yep. If he confirms it in the messages of the item you sold, it will be fine. However, wouldn’t he just complete transaction instead of confirming his gamer ID? If he does decide to open dispute, he will also have to prove his point of what he wrote under ‘player name’

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Thanks you a lot turns out he wasn’t a scammer. Thank you for the advice for me to protect myself in the future.