Have i been scammed?

A while ago i purchased 2 game accounts from the one seller…they both worked fine and still do.

Im now wanting a xbox one s so i tried to change the passwords with all the info he provided…but now it does not work…he has changed all the information so i cannot change the email or password…so now he still owns both account 100% as he has full accses.

I am fairly new and not sure if buying a game account is against the rules or not…but still should i report this guy? It also seems he has deleted his gameflip account

His account is Xboxgames

Hi, you should have read the Gameflip rules before making a purchase. In general, it is good idea to learn the rules of anything before diving into it. The selling of accounts is prohibited for this exact reason! You were scammed and this will most likely not be covered by Gameflip. However, provide a link to the seller’s profile and screenshot of this account and the error messages you are receiving to see if anything can be done to salvage the situation.

I have taken screenshots

But there is no error message as of yet…just he has changed the password…wich is telling me he is going to rather cut me of…or is selling the same profile to others

It was stupid of me to not read the terms…i just thought why would some one be so stupid and scam through gameflip…pluss he had high ratings so i did not think much of it

Make sure you contact support about this and provide all the evidence they ask for so they can properly investigate the seller. Just because a seller had high ratings doesn’t necessarily mean they are good. In any case, selling accounts is prohibited on Gameflip and against the terms and conditions of the market place. If you aren’t eligible for a refund, follow through with the report and get this seller suspended.