Cancellation Options

With Coordinated transfer becoming more popular we need more options for cancelling as sellers. I regularly get buyers who have private profiles or some other reason I’m unable to send. I’ve also had buyers who wish to cancel if the item can’t be sent within an hour of the purchase or who have buyers remorse even if the item is sent in minutes. None of the cancellation options fits these situations and the current cancellation options imply fault with the seller. I then have to cancel and get a negative review and am unable to even leave them a review. So now I have my 6th negative review (out of about 12k) and a rude buyer who didn’t even set up his profile properly has no consequences. This is ridiculous and obnoxious. Almost all of my bad ratings (maybe all) are due to flaws in the system at one time or another.

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When you want to cancel an order as a seller, there is an “Other” option where you can fill out the reason.

If you get an unfair rating you can ask support to remove it.

I’m aware of those options and mentioned them, but if the reason I select every single time is “Other reason” it means the options on the list are repetitive and and don’t cover many situations at all. I mean they are all basically a lame excuse for not being able to deliver. All also imply fault with the seller and even the Other Reason leaves you subject to negative feedback.

It would save them an immense amount of time to have proper options that don’t cause negative reviews rather than have users contact support every time they get an improper rating. My disputes usually sit weeks even in obvious cases so I’m not trying to add any burden to the already overwhelmed support team. Constantly referring everyone to support rather than fixing actual issues is just adding to the problem.

As I’m typing this out I received another order and “You cannot trade with name removed because they have a trade ban.” Over half the people that buy have no idea whether they can actually trade or how the process works. You literally can’t send the item to the buyer no matter how bad you want. Or if they get buyers remorse they just make their profile private for a day and ask you to cancel. Sellers should not have to risk or worry about negative feedback in these situations. I don’t even get excited about sales anymore because it’s such a pain to deal with. This is an easy fix to keep sellers happy that doesn’t require them to lower their fees and might decrease the load on their support team improving the site overall. I’d be extremely disappointed if I didn’t see something like this implemented eventually.

TL:DR “Other reason” option still puts you at risk of negative feedback and the current list of options is redundant and fails to cover a wide variety of situations where fault lies with the buyer.

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Thanks for your feedback! This is a topic that is already being discussed, and we hope to hane any news shortly, but I don’t have an ETA yet unfortunately.

Meanwhile you can send me every suggestion you have so we can discuss it, so I can send them to the team.