Cannot verify my transaction! HELP

At least it was cancel and would be refunded back. Mine is still under pending though. But well, let’s be patience and wait for them to reply back.

I’m not sure but I hope this will help you (from Gameflip’s twitter):

Hi Ticio,

Thanks for the help. Yea i understand usually can be found in bank statement. However i use a mastercard wallet to purchase it so it does not have the 4 digit code. It do have the reference number but it doesnt show the code. =/

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Hello Zhi_Hong,

Just checked your ticket information and you were good to go :wink:


Could you please inform your invite code and ticket related to this issue, so I could have a further look?

Also, a note to everyone here:

If you fail the payment verification, any subsequent purchases will always be placed Under Review until a Gameflip representative reaches out to you. Please note that you will only have a few hours to input the code before being canceled.

Next time, if you are unable to find the 4 letter code, send us a screenshot of the description line for this purchase in your credit/debit card’s online statement so we can try to find it. Feel free to block out any unrelated information to protect your privacy.

God speed!

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WWBEYV is my code and the ticket is 446670

Hey solannison1!

I just verified your issue and unfortunately, it was canceled since you did not respond with the 4 digit code, but don’t worry. The refund was initiated and will be back on your account soon or drop the charge off of your bank statement.

God speed!

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The issue is that there was no 4 digit code on my banking app.


solannison1, I can see that you tried to verify your payment source but there was some information missing and it was rejected. I suggest that you try to verify it again, as it should mitigate the chances of your purchases to stop under review.

Regarding the 4 digits, you can purchase it again as it will go to manually review, so you should be able to send us any evidence of your purchase.

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Hi Darknight and moderators. I have just receive the email assistance as well as the gift card. Thank you so much for the help!

And i have just tested the gift card and it is working great. Really appreciate your effort. To everyone out there, i would just like to say be patience and don’t keep rushing them. They will eventually attend to you and resolve your problem. Cheers!

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Hi DarkKnight,

I’m having payment verification once again after making a new purchase. Can you kindly assist again. Order ID is 9d8988c9-f1a6-429d-a75b-441e76c75757

Just a side note, do i always have to wait and do verification whenever i make a purchase? Honestly it’s too much of a hassle to purchase stuff if it keeps asking me for verification. Is there any way to get through it? Appreciate the help


Zhi_Hong, I suggest that you verify your ID and payment source inside your account, as this will help to lower the chances of your purchases to stop under review.

To locate your verification option, you’ll need to go to:

App: Menu > Wallet > Document verification
Website: Menu > Wallet > Verify

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Hi MajorTom,

Noted on your advice. Will take a look and do so =)

By the way just to update, my order review was cleared and I have received the item. Thank you once again to you guys. Cheers!

@MajorTom @DarkKnight

I am having the same problem and have not received a response to my help ticket. I provided screenshots showing the transaction with no 4 digit code only a contact phone number (408 area code, goes to Play Next?)

User: MV9T6Z

Order: c5aa8d5c-0809-41b6-a2aa-250622621915

Support ticket: 448199

I understand there are probably not a lot of people servicing the customers here but I wouldn’t have initiated the purchase if I knew it was gonna be this much trouble without any amount of human care to my issue. When you are dealing with people’s money, a customer shouldn’t have to wait days, a couple of hours at the most. I would have went straight to a retailer if I knew this would be an issue…

Still haven’t heard a word from customer service even though I tweeted, posted here, and opened a help ticket a couple days ago

It is almost started to be a real scam, you can check my process of 1 month, here. Still waiting my money. :slight_smile:

Nevermind. My order was canceled “due to an issue with the seller,” no further explanation…now waiting for the hold to clear on my card. Ugh. So annoying I never heard from a human Rep.

After my order was canceled “due to issues with the seller,” I finally received this response from customer service (my response follows):

Hello 2blocks,

Thank you for reaching out to us and >we apologize for the delay to respond >to your issue.

Since there’s been this delay caused >by the large influx of tickets we’ve >recently received, could you please let >us know if you are still facing the >reported issue? Just reply to this >email and let us know the issue is not >resolved.

In case the issue is already resolved, >please feel free to close this ticket or >not reply to this message.

We appreciate your patience on this >matter.

Gameflip Help

Well I guess it’s resolved because while I was awaiting an answer from you guys the order was canceled “due to an issue with the seller.” Now I await the hold to come off my card.

May I politely suggest if you are gonna have a antifraud measure that necessitates large amounts of order assistance, that you actually have a customer service that is equipped to handle them.

Even now, finally a response and it fails to address the issue at all or even to look at my account to see the order was canceled by the seller or whatever happened. Instead, your first response numerous days later is to ask if the problem resolved itself? Incredible.


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