Code didnt inculde the listed item

Few hours ago I bought a code for the BFV Deluxe Edition. After I entered the Code I saw that the Code just included 2 dlcs and not the basegame. I already put that transaction on hold and Message the seller. Is there something more that I can do to get a working code or a refund?20181118_115002|666x500

In the listing’s description did it say DLC only? If the seller was selling a whole game and only sent you code for DLCs then explain that to the seller. You may escalate the dispute if the seller does not resolve it. Please mind the countdowns on the exchange page.

Nope it wasnt marked as dlc only. He messaged me yesterday but stopped responding since then…

Click on “Escalate Issue” on the website or app so Gameflip support will have a look at it.

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