CON ARTIST ALERT!!! Beware of Mr Box

I just realized that the last thread where I said the purchase was made by a mistake by the app… however I have been doing a little bit of work in figuring out how this mistake was possible!!! I don’t browse through without filters and I used a Psn filter. So I shouldn’t have been in the Ps4 section anyways… but I see someone else who says his title is misleading but I believe that he changed it… He is displaying scammer behavior by not answering the message that I sent. On his profile it say “ please read the discription before you buy anything “ that way people will think it was just a mistake. His name is Mr Box and he is foreign.

I apologize for this thread i had over reacted

Yes you may have. I never had an issue with him. It’s just being thorough as a seller. You’d be surprised how many buyers don’t actually read the description before buying an item. :wink:

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wow…! That’s just taking the utter p**s when it’s a foreigner as well…!
Makes me mad how people can do that to us where good enough to let them in the UK at least respect us ffs…
Sorry about that but just think it’s bang out of order but Thankyou for letting me no. Well everyone no :grin: