Coupon codes already used

I keep getting the same 2 coupon codes over and over instead of crediting me as for i used those coupons which occupy me being credited over and over which add up. Can i be credited for all the times coupons giving which it’s taking my crediting making it a waste of what i should of earned and still i get them constantly. Can you please do something about it please? I’m the reason earning off ads got added when i came with the idea emailing gameflip in partnership that started gf new digital currency creating flp tokens. Give me credit for what it is? A success i brought to gf earning. Even people with no money no problem now everybody can earn which is a win, win profit for gf. I still have the email sent in partnership that brought all of this. Can i get some gratitude i told you there’s no way gf would lose making more in everyway more for gf.:100: