Currently under review

I would like to cancel my transaction, its currently under review but the photo didn’t have my phone number in it. Unable to find anything to cancel my transaction. Ridiculous that i have to provide ID… when i’m using Paypal or any of my cards. I just want the transaction to be cancel so i can take my business elsewhere.

if the photo i took goes through then fine i don’t mind paying for it(since the money is halfway there). But having to possibly wait days for it to be review? i buy keys online to get them ASAP not wait couple of days and hope what i sent is fine.

Same I got that message too, “currently under review”. This is actually the second time. I used regular bank card, made several transactions just fine then all of sudden I needed to provide proof for vertication. Which I did. And it took them 3 to 4 days reply or vertify. I recently made a payment with my PayPal and it’s tell me the same thing again. I paid to get items immediately. Not to be waiting. I have patience but not for this. - 6KMV1K