Payment under review..

So I sold a item and it says the buyers payment is under review is there anything I can do or do I just have to wait? Thanks

Order number a9b18685-cde9-4c51-9344-91e11494d25f

Edit. It canceled then he rebought it and it still says the same thing

Order number 47df3700-5e0f-4882-9e61-2ecb5219ea0e

you can’t do nothing at your end if the buyer provide the info to gameflip his payment will be approved if not its will be canceled that what happens

How would he provide the info? Via email?

i really don’t remember as it’s been years seance i got that as i did remember if his new he will need to provide his id and credit card if his using that but not sure as the required stuff will be at his end asking him form some extra info if he did provide it gameflip will approve his order if he didn’t they will not

Every time i see under review case I just block buyers because its waste of time :stuck_out_tongue: