Customer has not responded in 2 weeks....

I have a order that is pending for almost 2 weeks now. The customer has yet to respond once despite me daily trying to reach him. I have no idea what to do with this pending order. I don’t want to to cancel because of that warning it tells me about canceling too much.

However is this a legit reason to cancel? This isn’t the only bizarre order either. I have another 2 orders in which the customers did respond but kept telling me “later when I get on” yet never responded later in the day. Took over a week to find out that they were – GROUNDED! lol

Their orders will also reach the 2 week mark as well. lol

What do I do?

Please open a ticket and make sure to include all this information and the order IDs so we can check.

I think you misunderstood. I have yet to met up and deliver the items to the customers due to them not responding at all or even getting grounded before I could ship them the in-game items.

What I’m trying to figure out is do I keep trying? Or do I at some point I just cancel?

Hi there,
I understood what you meant.
You can open a ticket and we can solve the disputes with suspended users.
We can also evaluate the ones where the buyers did not respond and check what is going on.

Alright. I’ll go do that then, thanks!

In the future, save yourself the time and cancel the order. If the buyer does not contact you or setup delivery within the Delivery Time, its on him and nothing will happen from you cancelling. I have cancelled several orders due to this.

Ive also had to cancel multiple orders in 1 day with nothing bad happening. Save yourself the time n just cancel, just dont cancel 10 times every day you should be fine.