Did anyone get paid via BTC on Friday?

Hey I am just wondering if my account had an issue because I never had the status ‘in transit’ for a payment which then wasn’t executed on the same day or within the next hour after switching from ‘pending’ to ‘in transit’ so I was wondering if other users got paid via BTC on Friday or if it was the same for everyone?

Payouts will be completed at Monday.

Okay so it was the same for everyone? You mean nobody got paid via BTC this Friday?

Can any admin confirm if there will be any payout today? Since it usually happens 1-2h earlier than now but today it again didn’t happen so maybe there is an issue with my account? Would appreciate a simple confirmation if it’s just me or if nobody else got paid yet.

Holidays, no payments I guess for a few days.

Isn’t it strange that it switched on Friday to ‘in transit’ without payment on Friday to now not pay for a few days? I mean it’s fine but you mentioned on Friday payments will be made on Monday so I thought if you comment such things you must know it since some vendors calculate in such payouts. So I assume you just guessed it, this being said any official admin who can confirm if there will be any payments anytime soon or if we can expect the next payment in the next year?

I didn’t hear from an admin for almost a week, does Gameflip still have any working moderators/admins or are you guys putting together a new team?

Dude chill out, they are taking break while holidays are on, if you want to talk with someone from support do it from here

I dont recieved any payout today

I am relaxed but I don’t understand why you just say something without knowing it? How can the admins even allow that? I mean say ‘I think payments will be made on Monday’, but just don’t act like you would know more than others while you are just a regular user.

Anyways can anyone who reads this post confirm if he or she received a payment via BTC on Friday or today or if Gameflip just switched to ‘in transit’, to pay after the holidays/next year, thanks.

Btc from GF is paid out twice a week Monday and… i think thursday? sucks to have to wait because it’s so volatile. (ig gf offices shut down for christmas eve + day)

Last week I got paid every day till Thursday that’s why I was wondering that I didn’t on Friday after it switched to ‘in transit’

you know what i think ur right its monday THROUGH thursday not 100% tho lol (don’t kill me)

Also waiting for btc from Friday says in transit still nothing

Thought it would maybe happen today but it also passed the general payment time, so I assume it won’t happen till beginning of next year.

feels bad man…i did want to withdraw some money to spend for new year but it wont happend haha :smiley:

Well hope btc doubles haha

As I explained to you many times now.

BTC payouts takes up to 4 complete business days to complete.

We are in the middle of a Holiday season, so this might delay some of the payments.

If I see any other topics about the same subject here again, I’ll have to suspend your account due to spamming.

If you have issues with your payment (it is taking more than 4 business days), please ping me via PM or open a ticket.

Thank you.