Dispute / Scammers

Has any big seller ever won a dispute here?
I provided full proof and got scammed thrice regardless of proof.
Gameflip regularly screws over sellers even against buyers who dont even have 1 rating. Absurd.

This is one main reason sellers do their best to maximise sales outside gameflip and not rely on them.
Completely stupid and absurd scammers win disputes. Thousands of ratings one side and 0 ratings on the other side, yet seller is screwed.

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Hello, i have 1400+ sell`s, and yes, i won few disputes cause i clearly messaged everywhere “this code for us/eu” and after this they are telling to me “give me code for eu/usa and than i confirm delivery or close dispute”. But these “kids” always leave poor review.

Thats not even the issue for me, my codes are global. They use the code and dispute.

So far 4 stupid scummy scammers did this

thats only my opinion