false disputes !!!!

This week alone 3 false disputes have been opened on me 2 of them being from sellers and 1 from a buyer… Both seller made a ridiculous low price on an item so I knew it was fishy but I felt safe enough with the GameFlip guarantee to purchase the item… both sellers instantly clicked the “delivered” button forcing me to open dispute because I don’t have the item I purchased… let me mention with all three dispute open it adds up to $100 of my money so yes I’m pretty fustrated!! The incident with buyer was as simple as me delivering the item they purchased and he opened dispute saying he never got the item… all three people
had a feedback score lower than 30… I’ve been using GameFlip for awhile now and have a 700 feedback score… for so long I have not ran into any problems till this week… Sadly If I lose a single dispute I’ll be withdrawing my money and moving on to another place to buy and sell my rocket league items… Starting adding consequences for false disputes!!!

Invite code QYK18M

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yeah, always fake account open dispute

Hello! Can you PM me and send me your invite code, the order IDs so I can provide you further help?


I did last night I gave you my invited code and the three order id’s