Dispute System needs some changes

The Gameflip dispute system really needs a good overhaul, I am tired of buyers making false disputes without even contacting me first for a resolution or making a dispute without providing an explanation about what is wrong in the first so I can at least know if I can even fix the problem with them. I had another scammer today make a dispute for Amazon a few hours before it was set to complete automatically. I went to Amazon chat and gave the agent the code and she told me that the buyer used it successfully and confirmed there were NO problems with the code. The biggest problem I see here is people who are living in South America, Spanish speaking countries and other international locations are opening USA Amazon.com accounts using either a VPN and later redeeming these codes and later blaming sellers that their codes don’t work when they should not be using this in the first place and appears they probably don’t even know how to write in English because they are using gift cards restricted for the USA while using Amazon account they should not even have while being outside the USA in another country.

Here are some suggestion that really need to be implemented to the dispute.

  1. Before a dispute can be opened the buyer HAS to upload evidence to the seller and exactly show what is wrong. You cannot just click the dispute button and that’s it. Make sure something is written or a picture is shown so I at least know what is going on. How am I suppose to help you if you don’t even write something to me so I can provide a resolution. Most of these people that don’t write back clearly know what they are doing or living in a non English speaking country.

  2. Amazon is widely scammed here in the community, for Amazon disputes the buyer has to show proof directly from Amazon that they are not using a VPN, Using an Amazon.com account outside the USA, Buying Digital Emailed gift cards with Amazon Gift Cards, Having Amazon automatic security shut them down due to redeeming a large of amount of cards in a short period of time. There are also many other factors Amazon uses like account age, If you open an Amazon account and start redeeming a bunch of gift cards in one day no wonder your account will be shut down and codes disabled, Amazon uses an AI software to detect this so don’t blame the sellers.

Let’s get some common sense here


Hello @speedz84,

I will answer both your comments accordingly ok.

1)Currently, the buyer does not just click the dispute button, as you said. They need to click on a reason and provide proof directly to the Support Team (Image below as example). Also, the chat option between the seller and the buyer is available at all times. So if the buyer does not answer during the dispute while you are trying to help them on the chat, the Support Team will request the buyer to try and resolve the issue first with the seller, if possible. Helping the buyer on the chat also gives the seller more credibility for trying to resolve the issue beforehand, but if they do not respond, there is not much that can be done.

2)Does Amazon provide this information if the buyer requests it? Like if they used a VPN or not on the Amazon website?

Currently the Support Team for Amazon cases requests the buyer to contact Amazon and verify why the determined problem happened through the Amazon chat. So in every case, we do have information from Amazon in order to investigate these cases further, but it would be nice to know if every user can request the information that you said, as it could help in some cases.

Thanks for the feedback @speedz84.

God Speed! :trident:

I really appreciate your help DarkKnight :grinning:

It’s just simply getting to the point where this is just getting too stressful for me, I find most of the problems coming from people being in International locations. Let me give you an example a few weeks ago I got a dispute from a buyer claiming his Amazon code did not work and in the screenshot he sent me he was using Amazon.es which is located in “Spain” so I have no idea how people living internationally are able to go through the filters when my listings are clearly restricted to the USA Only and only people with living in the USA should be able to see it.

My main concern with the dispute system is when you click the submit button on the dispute form, make a mandatory field where you have leave some additional information like a text or picture, if you just click that submit button without giving me any info how am I suppose to help you further, yes you can leave info to support but also make it mandatory for the seller to see everything also. Program it so we can see some more info before the dispute can be processed further in the system. Make a picture mandatory with Amazon chat for example that a seller can see not only support.

We also need to be more aggressive with Amazon disputes, there are many issues I highlighted in the last post why an Amazon code can be revoked/closed.

I am just giving my suggestion to make the platform more stress free, easier and not make it easy for scammers to win, agreeing that they are located in the USA and not buying restricted items with gift cards purchased on Gameflip is one primary step in the dispute process. Showing a simple text saying my card is no good and they get an automatic win is just not enough.

Well I am going to leave it from here and finally be quiet, these are just my opinion to help other Amazon sellers.

Take care everyone! :grinning:

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I agree with @speedz84 I’m having the other “codes revoked” requests months after they were sold problem. And also a lot of disputes like these opened by noobs that don’t read amazon’s gift cards terms of service and they use the purchased gift cards to buy other gift cards on the platform. Amazon blocks their accounts and they open disputes on me here.

I think i’ll just post a guide of HOW NOT to use or claim the gift cards in my profile description.


And yes he’s right. 90% of the disputes are opened by international buyers. They should get that US bought cards are meant to be used in US based accounts and for physical items orders. It’s common sense.

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Thanks for the thought and feedback guys!

I will share these ideas with the team and we will se what can be done ok.

Hope you have an excelente week.

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