Scammed $100 Amazon

I was sold a $100 amazon card that was already redeemed. I’ve submitted a dispute on the case but want to also add extra proof that I did not receive a working code. I submitted a ticket as well. I haven’t received a response on either and am not sure if I should be contacting my credit card company instead. Thank you for any assistance

I was also scammed for 30€ .I received “Invalid code” and wasted 30% black friday code. User is

It’s really frustrating. I spent close to $100 and got nothing in return. Now I have to wait for this dispute to be reviewed. Could a mod please reply and confirm that all the extra information and proof I provided is included in my dispute? I did not include it all when I first filed the dispute as I’ve never had to do this in my many transactions made over the years

Ensure you escalate the dispute after you first disputed it. Generally once they respond or after some time like 24 hours gives you the chance to escalate it.

I did escalate it but I just want to make sure the screenshots I have are included as well. I submitted a ticket including them after I submitted the dispute

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