scammer RK please help me

The user bought me Amazon codes. I sent it to him and he confirmed that the code worked. after 3 days he made a dispute. he waited 3 more days and just climbed it. But I have asked him for proof of why he disputes me and he does not send it to me. I just told him to send me screenshot registry activity. I swear that my codes have already been used in their entirety. So he refuses to send the proof. I told him that if he sent me the proof and there was something wrong with my code, I would pay him 5 times what the code is worth. but the user does not want to send any kind of proof.


Have you contacted Support regarding that? If not, please do so.
You should also send proof that the code was used after you gave the code to him in the dispute.

The buyer won’t win the dispute as long you provide proof and he doesn’t have any since he is likely trying to scam? I don’t know about that so I won’t judge. But just contact Support as well meantime.

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ok i will contact support. Thanks a lot .

I have the same problem with the user name RK.! I sold him 3 offers of $ 100 from Amazon, I verify the codes he said were correct, and then overnight he placed the 3 purchases in dispute for no reason and without evidence.!

You should also contact Support regarding that matter. Link below.

Just give detailed description and proof to Support and they will probably perm suspend the buyer if he was trying to scam. There will always be people trying to scam so just remember to record and have proof on every transaction.

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Not trying to scam. Trying to avoid getting scammed and helping other buyers in the future. I got a message from Amazon saying my recent gift cards that worked at first but then days later were now illegal and the purchase I used to make with those cards was cancelled. Amazon would not refund the money for any lost gift cards as a result they said. I then asked both of these sellers to provide me proof that the gift cards given to me were not stolen. If I could get proof that neither of you were selling stolen gift cards then I would drop the dispute instantly since I could relay that info back to Amazon. I am just trying to protect my account and following Amazon’s instructions to reach out to the sellers of my gift card to confirm that it was not stolen. I have sent the necessary proof to gameflip on my end. Now I find the seller running to the forums and smearing a persons username just because I opened a dispute? We had completed previous orders. Anyways, obviously I was having a real issue and you are running to the forums. What a joke. Now another seller “Hussein Licer G” is attempting to sell me a gift card that has already been redeemed and I have to open a dispute with him too. You are all a group of scammers if you ask me.

you used my codes and now you say they are fraudulent? Call amazon and it tells me that those cards have already been used in their entirety. you’re going to be suspended. You should be suspended for trying to scam.

Stop threatening me with being suspended just because I am finally speaking up. I am not saying they are fraudulent. Amazon said they were possibly fraudulent. I am asking you BOTH to show me proof that the gift cards you sold me were legit and were yours to sell. You just keep getting mad and threatening to get me suspended. I just want the proof they were legal gift cards.

I will wait, God is fair and I know that you will be suspended

Lol how convenient. Wait it out instead of being proactive and just admitting either the card were stolen or the cards weren’t stolen. If they are not stolen, just say so? That is all I am asking for and now you are threatening me with God and more suspensions. How nice. Keep making a living selling stolen Amazon cards from whatever country in Asia or South America you are selling them from, hope it makes you feel good.