Scammer with no history disputing code

There’s a user with no trade history that’s disputing a $100 code - can an Admin help me as he’s provided 0 reason behind the dispute, as well as this, the code was working fine and now says redeemed on another account… I’ve been trading since 2018 and sold well over $15k+ worth of codes with no issues.

Live chat is not available and this is a fairly large amount disputed.

Hello @PSNSeller,

Contact Gameflip Support to solve your problem, provide as much detail as possible.

Also, if you wish, you can leave your transaction ID and invite code here for the moderators to help you.

Yep, I know but live chat isn’t available right now.

Order ID: 937b7a48-253a-4c48-bda1-3397c42b4c81

Scammers profile link [0 HISTORY - REGISTERED AUG 2020]:

Invite code: KKR9BS

Hello @PSNSeller,

Instead of using live chat, make a ticket and they will reply to you.