Scammer with no history disputing code

There’s a user with no trade history that’s disputing a $100 code - can an Admin help me as he’s provided 0 reason behind the dispute, as well as this, the code was working fine and now says redeemed on another account… I’ve been trading since 2018 and sold well over $15k+ worth of codes with no issues.

Live chat is not available and this is a fairly large amount disputed.

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Hello @PSNSeller,

Contact Gameflip Support to solve your problem, provide as much detail as possible.

Also, if you wish, you can leave your transaction ID and invite code here for the moderators to help you.

Yep, I know but live chat isn’t available right now.

Order ID: 937b7a48-253a-4c48-bda1-3397c42b4c81

Scammers profile link [0 HISTORY - REGISTERED AUG 2020]:

Invite code: KKR9BS

Hello @PSNSeller,

Instead of using live chat, make a ticket and they will reply to you.

how to report scammer?

i selling amazon giftcard code, its already few week ago on my hand and i never use it for myself, at 2 hours ago before i make a listing on gameflip i already contact amazon support to check the balance and all good with $50 balance. but right now after the buyer bought my code and redeem my code this buyer open dispute on my listing to get money back wtf. i just contact amazon again to ensure and they said the giftcards already been claimed

Hello @junaedi01,

Could you please provide me your invite code and the order ID?

God Speed! :trident:

i have two buyers trying to cheating me after claim my code to get moneyback for amazon giftcards with same reason “already redeemed to another account”

order id : c4747adf-edcc-4fd3-86ea-7108b2fddce1
order id : 26a16e2e-1dda-4b9e-9887-115ad51083f6

my code is : HGWGLW

all of my giftcards bought in same time at May 11, 2021 to trade on gameflip and i always check the balance via amazon livechat few mins before make a listing on gameflip and all good no issue with giftcard balance and customer on gameflip always buy my listing few mins/hours after listed so its not make a sense this buyer said my code bad or was redeemed bcs i already check the balance, all proof has provide too and no issue with another honestly buyer and this are legal giftcards(my code never die and i never selling same code to cheating on gameflip). status of my code was redeemed after buyer received my code and trying to get moneyback. i already contact amazon to ensure and now status already been claimed wtf

thanks for your quick response

Hello @junaedi01,

Not a problem.

I have verified both orders and can see that you only opened a ticket to explain on order 26a16e2e-1dda-4b9e-9887-115ad51083f6.

Please create another ticket for order c4747adf-edcc-4fd3-86ea-7108b2fddce1 explaining the situation ok.

This way, once the Dispute Team verifies your case, they will see the ticket and request further information, if needed.

God Speed! :trident:

ok i’ll create ticket for another one. thanks for your help

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Not a problem @junaedi01!

Hope you have an awesome day :wink:

God Speed! :trident: