Gameflip stole my money

I am new verified seller. I got about 100 sales for first month and no any problems.
Usually I sold 25-50$ xbox and psn codes.
One day I create a listing with 100$ psn code.
Buyer name CB Gold marked my 100% working codes as already redeemed and just sent his transaction history as evidence ( Of course he had more accounts).
I sent all screenshots of my attempts to contact PSN but they are not able to give redemption info.
All gameflip can do is just to cancel transaction and gift my money to the scammer. Link to his account below.
Please not that he will use words like:
“I love gameflip” “I bought here two many times” “I`m just gamer and want to play on my day off”

Fgot account link is here:


I can check it for you, can you send me the transaction ID and your profile code?




After further investigating this case, I saw you bought the codes froma third party official reseller.

Can you please contact them and try to get any information about the code/redemption time of the codes and send it to me via PM?

I can help you further then.

Thank you.

Im sorry. But third-party reseller called Jeff with his company names Amazon. Amazon cant help. Issue still not resolved