DO NOT BUY from a scammer named Robert who's selling Wii U and 3DS games.

This scammer has been selling discount Wii U and 3DS codes for the past three months. They were caught at the end of January after a warning was posted from a buyer who had his 3DS banned after downloading two games that he bought from them when they went by the username “Aida Fernandez”. After the buyer purchased the code they listed, the seller would then buy the code from the online store, take a picture of the code with their phone and send it to the buyer, then have the purchase of the code refunded.

This idiot now goes by the username “Robert”. They created their account on February 26. They already have over seven completed trades (Had over 39 as Aida Fernandez). Usually the comments on their listings are complaints about waiting hours or days for the code to be sent, just like the comments on “Aida’s” listings. The prices are usually too good to be true, like $34 for a digital copy of Xenoblade Chronicles X.

If you reading this and have already bought from a code from a seller named “Aida Fernandez” or “Robert”, get the order number for the purchase (Open the app, press the button in the top left corner, scroll down and press “Purchases”) and contact customer support now (Open the app, press the button in the top left corner, scroll down and press “Help”, select “Contact Support”, then “My Purchases”). They should get back to you within 1-2 days, notifying about a refund.

If you already downloaded the game, even if your account has already been banned, here’s the number to contact Nintendo (+18002553700) to explain the situation and get the game removed from your account. If you’re already banned, they’ll usually give you one last chance if this is your first time.

Hope this helps.

This person is a total scumbag. I had speculation when I saw similar prices in digital WiiU games. Hope nobody that purchased from him gets permabanned from nintendo.
Stay safe out there everyone.

As long as this situation is their first time getting banned, they should have their accounts and systems reinstated. From the people I’ve spoke with who have had their accounts banned, it seems they have a “two strike” with this sort of thing. Honestly, if Nintendo’s system is this easy to mess with, I think people should just go physical with some or all of their games or buy digital from retailers at either full price or on the off chance of a sale. I can understand wanting to go full digital, but with things like this going on, saving some money with a new or used physical copy is better than putting your account into jeopardy by buying from some potential moronic scammer. Nintendo really needs to fix their system for those who want to go the digital route in the future.

Thanks, BTW, for creating that thread. I know it helped some of those who were affected.

Couldn’t link it in the post, but this is a good example of what I described in the second paragraph. Scroll down to check the comments.

Thank you for the heads up and the information to those who may need help if they had their account banned by Nintendo.

Just so you know, we have already suspended this user and continuing our research into their account. If anyone has any further issues, please contact support so we can assist you further.

Bumping this to bring attention to another scammer:

Here’s a listing of his for a Battlefield 1 beta code that’s already been sold:

  1. Beta codes aren’t allowed to sale.
  2. No one even has the ability to sign up for the Battlefield 1 beta.
  3. His description says that the buyer needs to rate him in order to ''activate" the code.

He also deleted a few listings where someone called him out as a scammer. One of the listings was an Overwatch Steam key. Overwatch isn’t even available on Steam.

Going by his sold listings, this moron has about $50+ worth of sales.

Thanks for pointing this user out. I looks like we have already taken the appropriate action with them and taking care of any users who may have had their transactions go through.

As a note to everyone, please do not ever rate a transaction before you receive the item that you purchased. By doing this, it releases the money to the Seller. If someone asks you to “rate first”, please contact us immediately so we can investigate into the transaction as well as submit a Report Purchase Issue for that particular purchase to hold the auto-rate countdown.