Do scammers gain anything through Gameflip?

Hello everyone, this might be a silly question but do scammers really gain anything through Gameflip? I mean Gameflip protects you, as the customer, through the entire process. The dispute process is super easy if the product (Google Play gift cards in this example) isn’t legitimate. I’ve made 9 purchases through Gameflip in the last week or so and 5 out of 9 have been scams and each of them (excluding my current purchase that is proving to be a scam) refunds have been promised by Gameflip. So my question once more, do scammers gain anything by doing this? It seems they invested time and energy to become a seller on Gameflip just to have me purchase their fake product and get the transaction Held and eventually Cancelled.

They probably still gain because Gameflip takes the loss.

Wait, Gameflip still pays them?

If the purchase goes through and you’ve completed the trade the money isn’t being held anymore, so they’re able to withdraw that money. If it turns out later that the items were scammed or charged back, I believe gameflip just eats the cost at this point or perhaps they’re able to charge them anyways for theft.

If the purchases are not complete though, I don’t think they lose any money and the scammers aren’t gaining anything.