Document Verification Issues

I do not wish to give such info - can my order just be cancelled since I’m not going to give them any of my personal documents?

I do not trust the website with all of my personal information. And besides; my phone isn’t in my name so they wouldn’t take my phone bill anyway.

This is not a refund I’m asking for. It’s a cancellation. I can’t use my balance paid. I did email support but I don’t want to wait their estimated 2-4 business days to find out.

When you emailed support did you give them your invite code and the Order ID? Otherwise they would not know you are the right person who’s requesting a cancellation. You may still have to wait until Monday if you haven’t received a response by the end of today (Friday).

You can also leave your invite code in the forum for when a moderator comes online.

If the transaction is in pending for review, you will have the opportunity to cancel it in an hour or so.

@galacticarm Thank you both for your responses! Yes, I did include such information in my email.

They approved my pending deposit into my GameFlip account, thus, I will be giving the site a go. As long as everything’s legitimate and as described here (which everyone seems to say it is), then I’ll go ahead and give the documents they need if they still want them.

I do have one question though - has any website administrators ever touched on security? Is the information given stored? Is it encrypted? Anything like that?

Having my photo ID, address, proof of address, phone bill, phone number, and all the info on my ID is a lot to give, however I do understand the reasoning behind it. I’m sure it does more good than bad as far as keeping users happy by keeping an iron fist over scammers.

If I remember correctly information is stored for legal purposes and encrypted, but I could be wrong.

Hey, yes the information is encrypted as you asked.

For more information check our article regarding privacy: