Does he get any suspend?

That guy was asking me the whole day, am I online or not? I will show his last messages. I dont think that it is normal behaviour. Anyway, ive delivered item and made record of deliver. @DarkKnight, @MajorTom, @Sparkling_Juice can you, guys, comment it?

First two screenshots seem to be okay. I have met similar people before as well. They will ask if you are online and buys if you respond fast. Then if you do not deliver asap after they buy, they will not be happy about that.

Third screenshot, you can report him at support for being rude with the order ID/screenshot. And also give him a bad rating if you want.

Did he complete the transaction? Since you have proof, nothing much to worry about. I would block him after transaction is completed if I were you so I do not have to deal with the same person again.

But for your topic title, if that is the question you are asking for this topic, I cannot be sure about that. Only Gameflip Mods will be able to decide.

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Thank you for your answer, i am always trying to be nice with every person, but that kid with daddy’s card makes me angry asf

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Users can be suspended for swearing or inappropriate language, but they usually receive a warning first. Depending on what has been said, the user can be suspended permanently without warnings.

Can you tell me the transaction ID for this case?

@MajorTom, sure


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@MajorTom look what that kid did

Hello @little_dog,

Since this rating was related to the issue you reported to @MajorTom, I have removed it for you ok.

Hope you have a great day!

God Speed! :trident:

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