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I recently purchased a $1,000 Newegg Card in hopes to purchase my desired item. I was berated by the seller to immediately complete the purchase after i explained to him that his Gift Card suspended my Newegg account and put my purchased item on hold. He’s still berating me about not following his “terms” even though Gameflip gives me the option to not complete a transaction for 3 days because of situations like these. He constantly berates be saying that it’s all my fault even though I’ve sent him several screenshots about my issue that his giftcard has brought upon me. I’ve been nothing but respectful to him, offering to release the funds upon them activating my account again and my item being sent. I’m not sure what to do in this instance if I should Dispute the Transaction or give him the allotted time. I have since talked to Newegg and they’re looking into the issue.

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I see so many bad things about this guy, he is really disrespectful and those terms aren’t allowed. I wouldn’t want him selling on my site. Sorry this happened man, whatever you do don’t confirm and keep it disputed until you figure it out with newegg and they confirm your balance will not be revoked again. The 15 minute time to confirm is very sketchy.


Yeah i just wanted to share my side of the story. Completely disrespectful when i did not say a single vulgar thing to him. I’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt and not dispute the transaction for another day.

Na man, the second the code has errors you dispute it. I mean up to you but either way gameflip decides who is in the right during the dispute so having it open just in case is best for you. They will need all of the information from both sides before it is decided anyways. Plus you can cancel the dispute yourself if it gets resolved.

The Guy keeps pushing to complete transaction

I bought 1000$ from him and now i can’t take any benefits from it

Thanks for your input. I think i’ll wait for other people’s opinion on the matter also before I issue a dispute. My opinion on the matter: (I believe the gift cards could’ve been obtained in a non traditional way/illegally, which put a suspension on my account which i’ve been a customer for a couple of years now. Hopefully this isn’t true as I could be blocked from ever purchasing items on that website.) And the bigger issue would my dispute favoring my side. I added funds through my wallet and as far as I know those are nonrefundable…; If any admin/moderator would like to help me or comment on this situation i’d be greatly appreciated.

I have the same problem

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I just checked now and my account is suspended too

Have you had any updates on your dispute? Just disputed now as he kept on being disrespectful. Wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt but I can’t deal with his abusive and rude behavior anymore.

Disputes take time

It’s usually resolved within 4-10 and may take up to 20 days

I provided all evidence that prove i couldn’t use the code because of problems with it and best thing to do now is to wait

make sure to escalate your dispute, It’s very important thing to do

Otherwise, Gameflip will think you solved the issue with seller

Goodnews. He automatically cancelled my order and was refunded… ; Sadly i added funds to my account at the time (because my card couldn’t go through) and now I have over $600 dollars that i can’t withdraw…

Congrats bro

Hope you could withdraw your money

Thanks man, hopefully things go right with you too. If you need any screenshots of my horrible experience i’ll be glad to send that to you.

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Update to all of those that are interested. My Newegg account was completely banned for verification issues. I’ve also had to make a new account on Gameflip in order to withdraw my funds (which is completely okay). I’m more angry that my Newegg account is gone including my Newegg points because of this scamming seller. I repeat, DO NOT BUY FROM “UKeys”. His Giftcards are not safe and his attitude is the worse of all sellers. I’ll be trying to report him so instances like this will happen less on GameFlip.

I had a similar issue with a different seller and Amazon credit. Amazon closed my account and now I have no way to get direct support from them. Gameflip asked for information that Amazon should provide, but that I cannot get. Lost $170 dollars and my Amazon account.

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