Ending Bitcoin (BTC) Payments

Hello Flippers,

Our BTC payment provider, Stripe, announced they will end support for BTC payments on April 23rd, therefore Gameflip will soon abandon BTC as a payment method indefinitely.

Our end date for supporting further BTC payments is April 6th, 2018. We apologize for this limitation.
In case BTC is the only payment method you use on Gameflip and you’d like to continue making purchases, we suggest you switch to other supported payments or add funds to your account before 4/6/2018.

We are constantly striving to provide better payment options to all customers. So, if your preferred payment method is not yet supported on Gameflip, please reply in this thread which payment options you’d like to see on Gameflip in the near future.

Gameflip will continue processing BTC PAYOUTS NORMALLY.
Our BTC payouts are not operated by Stripe, so we do not expect any interruption on our BTC payout flow.

In case of further questions related to this topic, please reply directly to this thread.

Happy flipping!