"Error sending verification code to..."

Please, I need your help. When I want to enter my account and enter my username and password, I get the following message: “Error sending verification code to”, and I can not log in.

I have tried cleaning cookies, changing browser, I have checked that my cell phone receives sms (yes it receives), and I still see the same message. I will appreciate it infinitely if you help me to enter my account.

My username is “British Cat”, with feedback score more than 48.


bro got same error but can’t register just error when send sms… I think sms service is down :frowning:

Hopefully it will be resolved soon, because I have some money inside. For a moment I thought that I had deactivated my account, something strange, since I do not do anything illegal.

Hey guys, yes so far the SMS system is down. Please wait a few hours before trying to login again.

I have been able to enter. I appreciate the comments, friends.