F.u. c. k Gameflip it is horrible

It is a horrible website with many issues: (1). it has a user base where most of them don’t deliver (2). when ever i try to buy a item it will always decline my card for no reason (3). it wont like me sign in to my paypal to use it (4). it takes my money to give a extra dollar to the seller in which they are already getting my money (also further on this, this is a tax where your not supposed to put this on internet items) (5). when i try to add 25 dollars to my account i have to pay 26 dollars just to put 25 on ( also it declines my card for no reason ) (6). you put items that have already been sold up for trade ( why would you do that it makes no sense just make it so you can only see the ones on sale with out you having to do it your self ) (7). When i try and refund i have to wait a whole 1-2 days just to refund it (8). When i do refund it takes days just to get my money back (9). when i refund i don’t even get my money back ( for example i refunded 6 days ago and it has not given me my money back also about 1-2 months ago i bought a 5 dollar item and refunded it and i haven’t even received that money back (10). your support is useless and takes so long for you to respond the issue will usually be resolved by the time you try and get more information about the issue so those are just 10 reasons that I have run it to just on my experiences SO ■■■■ YOU GAMEFLIP

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Hello @Alpha_1,

Your message is very contradictory and out of context. Can you please send us a ticket or reopen the one you have explaining every detail of the refund issue and any other issue you are facing?

With a more clear message and description I’ll sure be able to provide you further help.

Also, your account will be suspended here due to offensive behaviour. The suspension will last 30 days.

Thank you.


Yeah… I’ve had no issues buying or selling. I had one purchase for about 30 bucks or so where the seller marked as delivered and never responded to mails, and that took maybe 2 days. Aside from that, I made 100+ transactions within the past 2 weeks and it worked just fine. The fee is the only gripe I have.

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Hi I would like to ask for some help with my transaction. I tried to add a $25 funds with my Virtual American Express Card and I was asked to verify my identity which I already did and got verified but then I was asked again to send some four pieces of my information which is a photo of my credit card and i find it useless because i can’t take a picture of the back of my virtual card since it is a virtual only. I asked for a refund with the email but it seems that they don’t reply with my msg regarding the refund. Can you please help me? I just want a full refund and cancel my order this is the invite code XMVND5

I’m looking forward for your help!
Thankyou so much!

Hello, as I checked, the transaction was cancelled already.


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