Fake Disputes Really bored

Last 1 week i receieved 2 fake dispute. 1st dispute: he said: code not working. i said him try again and I will create steam support ticket ticket about this code. He dont wait and gave me bad rate. then i recieved a message from Steam code still not used. If you dont know how to use steam codes why you buying them?.
2st dispute.(Still open)
He purchased the code 11:17 PST TIME. He opened a dispute and show his steam account photos and he say code used before. I said him wait I will create steam support ticket about this code when this code used.(Actually i dont need create because I have purchase photos all of my codes) Then I receieved message from Steam Support code used 11:18 PST TIME so 1 minute after his purchase. So basically he used code. I just checked his account his first order and he trying to scam a seller. Iā€™m bored of this type scammers. Gameflip dont ban this scammers?
ORDER ID: bf5ed711-ef45-4371-a5b7-714f49cb92ff

Submit a ticket to support here send all steam support chats/proof to support. And make sure you block that User who tried to scam.

Hello Mexy!

Sorry to hear about this :frowning:

I can guarantee you that we keep a close eye on these types of users, so in case they do it again, thei account gets suspended.

Iā€™m happy to know that you provided full support and even contacted Steam. Those are the correct actions in cases like these.

Unfortunately, there are scammer every now and then, but everyday we try to remove as much as possible to maintain a clean and fair marketplace for all the users.

God speed!

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