How to rate this guy (and a guide how to handle potential scam)?

So, how would you rate this transaction? Guy opened dispute, here is our correspondence after that. He closed the dispute and rated me positive.

I’m hesitating to rate him positive because he first claimed something different and I’m suspecting this was scam attempt. What do you guys say?

He just added a comment “Steam didn’t work for some reason it said to wat 30 min and retry and eventually it worked”, so should I believe him? I really don’t want to rate him negative or neutral without a valid reason, but I have every reason to be suspicious.

I will surely block him and here is his profile in case some of you want to do the same.

And this can also serve as a tip what to do when you are perfectly positive that you’re selling working codes.

Dont rate him and thats all.

I like to have all “thumbs up” in my sold items cleared.

I like it too. But if situation is suspicious maybe you can wait, maybe you will see in future some new information in his feedbacks and finally you will put your feedback based on your thoughts

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Well, perhaps you might give him reasonable doubt, it might be his first GF purchase and might not be able to do a proper “copy” “paste”. If he really tried a scam, it was an epic fail xD. Anyway a “negative” review, if he was really having some kind of trouble, might keep him away from GF. Well, the final decision is yours ehhehehhehe

I remember that Steam only allows you to activate a number of X codes within a period of time. I discovered this when I bought a couple of cheap bundles from known websites, and when I try to activate all of them, I get a message saying I have to wait like 30 minutes to be able to activate something again. Not sure what the limit for activations is but it’s definitely more than 5.

Maybe his issue was related to this? maybe he didn’t copy/type your code correctly and was trying to activate this a couple of times with a wrong code, or maybe he had lots of other codes to activate and thought that the message for “wait 30 more minutes” meant your code had an issue. Just a guess.