Falsely Suspended

Account: https://gameflip.com/profile/us-east-1:bf790e1a-aa57-4158-b0e1-63eca7181cf6/cowboy

I was false suspended for misinformation, I was told I was selling Fraudulent OneVanilla cards, I never sold any of those cards. I only sold Vanilla Cards, difference between those two. And also they lied about receiving ‘reports’ about the cards being fraudulent when it was only one user who reported it.

How it all started
Well I was selling $25 Vanilla MasterCards, I had placed two listings, the first listing was sold successfully without any issues. The second listing, I accidentally use that card as I wrongfully labelled it wrong on my side. It still had $6.8 left on it, but the buyer used the card on Otterbox for a $6 purchase.
After I realized my mistake, I tried fixing the issue with the buyer in giving him a $20 Vanilla Card because he used $6 on the previous card. In the morning (today), I received a notification that my account was suspended for:

- Selling prohibited and fraudulently obtained items: OneVanilla cards.

These OneVanilla cards are not allowed on Gameflip due to reports we’ve received that they have been fraudulently obtained.

And I was told to provide a receipt and photo of the cards, I can’t provide a receipt for now as it’s been nine days since I last purchased the card and I’ve been going through my trash dump to see if I can find it. I already provided a picture of both cards. I purchased both $25 Vanilla cards on the 5th of June.

I never sold OneVanilla cards, I only listed two $25 Vanilla Cards, theirs a difference between those two brand of cards. And the issue here is how they took it as many reports when it was only one person and they never provided any evidence to back up their claim, only reason they said it was fraudulent is because the card was partially used by me (I can provide proof that I used it my self by accident).

What I can provide:
Picture of both cards.
Receipt if I find it.
I was planning on selling more cards and I do have the receipt for those.

I already reported this to BBB to get this resolved.

Edit: I had around $62 on my account before I was suspended.

I also feel that Gameflip broke their TOS when I was in dispute with a buyer and they never let us settle the dispute.

Item ID: 409c927c-1da9-4136-989a-6eea8d77fd8a

To further this out, for anyone who has dealt with fraudulent cards. They never last that long and always end up getting cancelled or the card getting closed. I have dealt with this from buyers on many platforms where I’ve dealt with gift cards, funny thing is I’ve seen gift cards listings on gameflip that were obtained fraudulently (easy to tell by the amount of supply and discount the sellers put them up for, but that’s for another thread).

Both $25 Vanilla MasterCards that I sold on Gameflip were purchased by me on the 5th of June.

You say you can provide the receipt but didn’t. Go find the receipt now. That’s what you should have done first before contacting the BBB or making this post. Also this post doesn’t clear things up. You had two $25 gift cards. You sent a used card. Then a $20 gift card appeared out of thin air or what? Where did this 3rd card come from? Maybe by the time you got the 3rd card he had already made a purchase and no longer had a need for your cards. Your story would also mean you shared someone elses card putting their remaining $6 at risk. There’s just so many problems with all of this.

This all seems pretty sketchy and even if you aren’t scamming you have been a terrible, irresponsible seller.

I need to go through two dumpsters which I’m not sure which one it is and than to the trash bags just for a small piece of paper that might have been already destroyed by leaking bags from other residents.
I have multiple cards that I planned on selling, the first two Vanilla Mastercards $25 were put up for sale. I mislabel a card on my side which I used and I was unaware until this incident occurred. The card had $6.80 left. When I checked the card and saw it was the wrong one I posted, I apologized to the buyer about the situation and when I saw a charge of $6.4, I knew it was him, I even saw products that he had on his listings that were related to the order placed with the Vanilla card. And I made him aware I knew he used it and since he already used $6.4 from the card, it was only right to give him the $20 card and not the $25. If he saw the card was used, he should had never touched it. Please tell me where did I mentioned about having someones else card? I already said I used it by accident.

Reason for the complaint to the BBB as it was unjustified for them to do it with only one report from the buyer and how they never look closely on what I was selling. From where did they get OneVanilla from my listing if I never mentioned that? Gameflip have been known in not responding to tickets. I rather expedite the situation rather than waiting weeks for them to respond with something that would required me to reply and wait more weeks again just for them to say something back.

Hello, hello!

Thanks for reaching out.

In order to properly sell those kinds of cards, regardless of the type of the card, you need to have a receipt for them. With the receipt, we can prove they are valid and legit and you will be able to sell those onto our marketplace normally.

Please, bear in mind that on our ToS, that you agreed when you created your account:

  1. Termination
    Gameflip may terminate your access to all or any part of the Website at any time, with or without cause, with or without notice, effective immediately. If you wish to terminate this Agreement or your www.gameflipapp.com account (if you have one), you may simply discontinue using the Website. All provisions of this Agreement which by their nature should survive termination shall survive termination, including, without limitation, ownership provisions, warranty disclaimers, indemnity and limitations of liability.

You were selling items that without a receipt are not allowed, thus a suspension was placed in your account. Nothing false happened here as you suggested.

If you want to appeal for your suspension, please answer to your suspension notification or contact us at support@gameflip.com. I’d highly recommend that you find the receipts and send to the support team when appealing.

Thank you.

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