First time use this page to buy but finally got scam

First time use this website, and I have pay money to buy something I need ! But I was scammed.
I finish the payment, and I text the seller what time I can get the code, he told me he can’t get the money, and he want me to rate and give Him a comment, than he can get the money I have pay.
ok I do that, and press the ok button !
Finally he blocked me, I can’t text him again or comment. That make me feel really really upset
Can anyone help? Stop him scam other people and block him!

The purchases finalizes when both the buyer and seller rate each other. So you should only rate the seller after you have received the item.

Please click on the seller’s avatar to go to their profile and paste the URL here so the moderators can ban them. You can also use the Report button on their profile.

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