Got Scammed, please help.

I brought a PSN gift card from a shop said it would give me the rest of my PSN code after I gave them a good rating. I gave them the rating and than when I tried to message them to inform them I had given the rating, I was blocked from contacting him. I’ve also noticed since I made the purchase, he keeps changing his store name. Today he’s calling his store Fortnite & Rocet League Shop. Someone please help! I’m posting the one pic of our convsation, but I have more pictures if you need them. Here is the link to his store:

Another user was scammed by the same method yesterday. They are getting banned, but unfortunately rating the seller finalizes the order. You can leave your invite code to see if a mod can help.

I figured as much, but I thought I should report it anyway just in case Something could be done. And thanks for letting me know about the invite code! My invite code is 7JFSER so if any mods out there can do something, please let me know.


Unfortunately I can’t do nothing about this transaction, but the seller was already suspended permanently. If you see any other suspicious seller, please let me know. Thank you.